I’m having you over… to Sausalito!

by Maren on March 20, 2013

We can eat leftover Vegetarian Red Thai Curry, which I made yesterday and was the first thing I cooked in my spankin’ new kitchen (recipe coming when my needy puppy isn’t being so needy). Or we can go out…

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We choose to go out. But I let you take home some leftover curry because it’s just that good.

Donner is humping. And when I say humping I mean HUMPING!

We both fell going  up the stairs this morning because he was trying to simultaneously hump my right leg while we walked up the stairs. Gotta give it to him for creativity and efficiency, right?! I can hear him now… he’s down stairs humping his green blanket. I’m feeling a little sad for the blanket.

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We go to this fun restaurant in Novato called Hopmonk Tavern. Luckily it’s happy hour so we order cocktails, mines a lime and ginger drop. We choose fish tacos and Parmesan french fries to munch on. Both are really really good and we cant wait to order dinner. 

Donner isn’t adjusting too well right now. He’s really angsty. He doesn’t like to be alone in the new apartment, but he doesn’t really want to sit and cuddle either. It’s a big adjustment for him and with his humping phase I think we’re just going through a rough patch.

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I’m home a lot this week with Donner while Max is at work because I’m still negotiating the contract for my new job!


I know!

I kinda lucked into my dream job at the Sanyok Fine Art Gallery in downtown Sausalito.

What’s the story Maren?

Well, I saw an ad for a gallery rep on Craigs List. I answered thinking it was for someone to help them with their pop-up shows in the city and special projects. More like a go-for, assistant type position. Didn’t even think I’d get a call back.

In the phone interview I found out it was for the Director of Creative Projects and Marketing for the gallery. It will include organizing projects, possibly traveling the WORLD. I still can’t believe it.

You decide we simply have to celebrate so we try a flight of the Hopmonk Craft Beers.

Photo 6

You’re the best!

We keep talking about the move and how much my little loft apartment is awesome! And how I have major plans to do some major cooking while I’m here.

Max and I don’t know how long our stay in the Bay Area will last. Definitely for a year or two. But after that we don’t know so we want to make sure to take every advantage of living here while we do. We want to explore the city and Wine Country. Neither of us have ever lived where you can just go to a Major League baseball game after work, or decide to go to a museum on whim. We’re really excited.

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The beer is really good. And we don’t even open the binder to look at all the bottled beer they have in stock. Literally, a binder!

We’re coming back.

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I order the grilled cheese and ham that comes with house made tomato soup. You order the philly cheese steak sandwich on naan.

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We drive back to the apartment talking about spring and how eating in Notato was a really good choice. Donner is in the back seat panting away listening to us recap all our tasty eats.

I pack up a few servings of curry.


Thanks for stopping by!

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Sonia the Mexigarian March 20, 2013 at 10:55 am

Aaaaaah!!! Okay now I am a 1000 times jealous of your new job! But also super excited and thrilled for you! I think more the latter :) Congratulations!! That is such an amazing job opportunity. I hope it’s everything you want and fullfilling, and that you do indeed get to travel the world. (So much of it to see!) Hey, if you are ever looking for artists -nudge nudge- haha

Okay, I totally have to hit you up on that Tavern. It sounds similar to 99 bottles over in Santa Cruz (amazing array of brews) . And the red thai curry sounds yummy! It’s not extremely spicy is it? Mmmmm. It’s been a while since I’ve had Thai food. . . .

Is Donner past the nipping/biting phase now and just humping? Once/if he gets neutered then it should help with that. Calms them down a wee bit. We also just kept an eye on Lando and if he started humping anything or anyone, we immediately stopped it. He’ll calm down the angst once he gets completely comfortable in his home. It took Lando a couple weeks to realize that the house was his [he was whiny, nervous and pacey]. Just keep him interested in the area of his home ( like walks, exploring etc) and always say, “home” when referring to your place.

Congrats again on this milestone in life :) <3


Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) March 20, 2013 at 11:10 am

I love HopMonk! We’re actually have our rehearsal dinner at HopMonk in Sebastopol (in Sonoma County). The Philly Cheese Steak naan is my favorite thing there — sooooo good! We’ll definitely have to meet at the Novato one for dinner on a Friday night SOON! :)

Congrats on the awesome job!!


Maureen March 20, 2013 at 11:26 am

So do YOU need an assistant to help travel the world?!?! I’m in! :)


Cinnamon @ eatpraytri March 21, 2013 at 10:10 am

CONGRATS! on the job. That is super duper exciting. Lots of change will def affect the pups. Donner will adjust in time. Guinn humps his blanket too. Poor blankies.


Nikki March 21, 2013 at 7:41 pm

This is FABULOUS! Congrats on the job! Little world traveler! I am excited to continue learning about the journey you’ve begun! :)


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