Easy Deviled Eggs for 1

September 10, 2013

Last night I had a hard boiled egg for a snack at about 9:30pm and ever since I’ve had a craving for deviled eggs. Happy Tuesday! This Tuesday is kinda a big day. Why? Because (I AM A HUGE NERD) 1) Apple is having their fancy conference thing that will say when all the iphones […]

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avocado & anaheim pepper shrimp tacos

September 8, 2013
Photo 4

So summer is basically over! I always know once the pumpkin spiced latte shows up while I’m on my yearly post-labor day family vacation that the long days of summer are about 3 seconds from being gone, until next year.  Max and I have been back in Sausalito for 3 days and we’re in a […]

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Vacation: the avenue of the giants {part 1}

September 4, 2013

Hey guys! We’re on vacation in the Avenue of the Giants. Max and I kinda lucked out and have gotten to go on 2 back-to-back mini vacations. 1 with his family and 1 with mine. Here are some photos of our first few days in the redwoods. Have a great Wednesday!!! We’re off to Eureka […]

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The Devil’s Pasta!

August 27, 2013
Photo 11

Hey guys! How was your Tuesday? Mine was pretty darn good. I worked from 7am – 4pm at Anthropologie and got the steal of the century on a pair of shoes!!! They’re these really cute oxford wedges. After I picked up Donner from Park-a-Pup I started cooking dinner and now its all about packing. Max […]

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C(ancer)-Word Monday

August 26, 2013
Photo 3 (8)

Hey guys. I don’t have a recipe to share tonight. Max had a long day at work. Donner is sick so we’ve gone outside about 2.3 million times today. Going outside includes walking up and down 2 flights of stairs, smelling around the plants outside for about 7 minutes before and/or after the pooping and […]

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