Wrapping it all up.

by Maren on March 18, 2013

Hey guys. Happy Monday!

I was checking out the blog while waiting for some emails from the people I’m designing some Blog Frosting for and realized in all the moving crazy-ness I haven’t blogged since early last week.

I thought I’d drop you all a line so you don’t think I died or decided to quit blogging forever.

Photo 4

So last week Max and I were back at our old Central California homes wrapping up loose ends. He had to do one last week of work in the old office and I had some meetings that I couldn’t get out of.

Max left last night and is back up in Sausalito for his first day of fancy-work sending me photos and making me crazy jealous! Gah, MAX!

Photo 3

He road the ferry into work today.

I’m hating him right now.

I have a meeting tonight at 6 and I’m hoping it ends early enough for me to drive up tonight. I love my apartment and miss Max. I’m ready to get up there and start having loads of fun.

Photo 2

Donner has entered the Humping Phase and it’s so funny not pretty. He looks so guilty doesn’t he?!

On all things Top Chef University

I’m still doing it! 150% still doing it.

I was planning on cooking more last week but when I read through a few recipes and realized all my cooking stuff was up north I decided to wait until I get up there. I’m between my old job and my (potential) new one so I’ll have lots of veggie cooking time this week and maybe next. Get ready!!!

Photo 1

Donner and I are counting down the minutes to being back in the loft cuddling.

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Kelli H (Made in Sonoma) March 18, 2013 at 1:37 pm

LOL…geez, the humping phase! You gotta get that kid fixed soon! Ryder’s humping phase was hilarious! Luckily, after getting him fixed, he stopped.

I hope you are able to drive to your new home tonight! :)


Nikki March 19, 2013 at 6:48 pm

GAH! I just realized why I haven’t known anything about your life: I switched to Bloglovin and your blog will NOT transfer over!! So sad! So happy for all of the things in your life…like I didn’t even realize that you were moving. I suck. Hope all is well :)


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